Pond life without mozzies or water-waste

Creating an open body of water has been transformative for my garden. Within months of installing a pond, frogs, dragonflies, birds and water boatmen all turned-up to use the precious resource. Here, I share my strategies for creating a wildlife friendly pond, without blowing the water budget or creating a mozzie problem. In the scheme … More Pond life without mozzies or water-waste

Living mulch: waterwise, firewise and seriously good looking

Mulching the garden to cut-back on water-use is enshrined in garden lore. Protecting the soil from direct sunlight prevents it from getting hot and so reduces evaporation of precious soil moisture. Nothing beats a thick layer of Lucerne or Pea Straw in a veggie garden to keep the soil cool and moist in summer. And … More Living mulch: waterwise, firewise and seriously good looking

Plant a community

There’s no doubt that rainfall shapes all wild plant communities. Drive west across Victoria, from wet forests in the Alps to arid Mallee in the State’s north-west, and you witness dramatic changes in the height, leafiness and composition of vegetation. Whether you look in a National Park or a weedy abandoned urban block, you will … More Plant a community

Follow the flow

Originally published in The Watering Can, Western Water’s sustainable gardens e-newsletter, March 2017.

Understanding how water moves through the micro-landscapes in your backyard is key to successful garden design. Be a garden detective, on the hunt for clues to planting and garden success. … More Follow the flow