Restoration gardening

Why would a garden designer create a restoration plan for a degraded gully? The scale, landscape and client are almost on opposite ends of the ‘outdoor design’ spectrum. Garden designers like me generally work in urban landscapes: designing for intimate spaces around the home and striving to meet a brief that generally aims to create a private oasis for the owner, that … More Restoration gardening

An invitation

Here’s a little booklet I made for the Garden of Earthly Delights at the Castlemaine State Festival. It’s a taster for what you can do to invite more wildlife into your garden, whatever your garden style. Please feel free to download and use this booklet. If you’ve found it useful or have any comments I’d love to hear from you. … More An invitation

Follow the flow

Originally published in The Watering Can, Western Water’s sustainable gardens e-newsletter, March 2017.

Understanding how water moves through the micro-landscapes in your backyard is key to successful garden design. Be a garden detective, on the hunt for clues to planting and garden success. … More Follow the flow